OfysUtils - Documentation

Serial Cable

A common serial cable will *not* work. Use the one provided with the UPS.
Otherwise you can build yourself a cable follwing this scheme:

DTE(computer) DCE(ups)
2 3
3 2
5 4

Yes, GND goes to pin 4 instead of 5.



As usaual:
tar -zxvf ofysutils-x.x.x.tar.gz
cd ofysutils-x.x.x
make install

ofysctl will be placed in /usr/local/sbin by default. The default serial port is /dev/ttyS0. To change it call "./configure --with-ttyport=TTY", where TTY is the port you want to use as default.

See INSTALL file for details.



Type "ofysctl -h" to see available options. They are divided into three categories:

-general options: they don't affect the UPS
-status options: they only fetch informations from the UPS
-control option: thay change the settings and/or the behaviour of the UPS

Verbosity: by default ofysctl prints the name of the informations he is displaying and it's value. If you pass the -q option you'll see only the value; with "-v" it prints also a bit of logging of serial port operations.

WARNING!: By default the shut down delay is 0. If you call "ofysctl -S", the UPS will go stand-by immediately!


Bugs, wishlist, comments...

If you experience reading timeout see BUGS file.

Please submit everything to:
Ludovico Cavedon <lumaca82@inwind.it>
including, if you can get it, your UPS version number (ofysctl -u).